Clay, water and fire

Together with the hand of man, these are the three elements used to manufacture our products.

Once the optimal point of the clay is achieved, it is extended, removed and washed in the different moulds. A few days later, when the clay is slightly harder, it is washed again before it is left to settle and dry outdoors under very specific circumstances. Once dry, the edges are filed and it is placed in the oven. When the pieces have been baked, they are sorted individually for the pallets and any faulty pieces are removed.

The end result of our product can be enriched with a post-treatment recommended by the company to highlight the different tones of the terracotta and isolate it from possible, undesirable stains. This treatment is optional and for interiors only.

Thanks to this 100% handmade, craft process and the proven quality of its products, this company is the only one in its sector to have been included in the Register of Craft Businesses of the Region of Murcia, registration number EA-0008.00.