Traditionally (late nineteenth, early twentieth century), this ceramics factory has worked with clay in a completely manual way.

We currently follow the same 100% craft manufacturing process for the different pieces and the fuel used for the baking process, based on organic materials such as almond shells and olive stones, which are 100% anti-pollutants. At the same time, we achieve the genuine flamed colour typical of the local clay. No one part is equal to another in this way.

Thanks to the 100% handmade, craft process and the proven quality of its products, this company is the only one in its sector to have been included in the Register of Craft Businesses of the Region of Murcia, registration number EA-0008.00. 

The variety of our formats creates combinations of striking colour and beauty between different pieces of terracotta, terracotta and glazed pieces, terracotta and marble, terracotta and natural stone, etc.